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ConsoBaby is the first purchasing guide for all your baby products: Thanks to thousands of comments from other parents, you can compare all the baby products on the market, from pushchairs to washable nappies!


Why should I sign up?


Once you’ve signed up (it’s free) as a member you can publish your reviews on the baby / mother products that you know and have used.

To do this, just click on the ‘Write a review’ located on each product page.

You can then take part in the selections for our free baby product tests (see below) 



How do we calculate the ratings for each product?

Each product is rated by our members on several criteria which are specific to each category.

Each review therefore produces a general rating corresponding to the arithmetical average of the scores from each member on each criteria.

The general score is equal to the average of all the rates for that product.



Because it’s you, parents, who can share your experience with other parents, whether good or bad, and help them make good choices for their children.

With so many products on the market, our job is to help you see clearer.  Our sites in Europe are home to reviews from more than 500 000 parents.



You have to share your opinion about the products you’re already using at home – whether for you or for baby): Pushchair, car seat, high chair, bouncer, bottles, breast pump.  The aim is to help other parents choose without making mistakes. 



Firstly, check carefully that the product isn’t already listed by using the search function.

If it isn’t there, use the 'Contact us' form to request that the product be added.  Our team will generally add the product within a week or two.

If the product isn’t added after this time, it means that it is no longer sold, we don’t have enough information about it, it is too difficult to get hold of, or not enough people would be interested in it.



Your reviews need to be detailed and useful for other parents, with strong/weak points, and personal experience.

Write at least 3 or 4 lines of comments about the product.  Take care of spelling and punctuation so that your comments are easy to read.

Don’t hesitate to add a score under 3 if you have been disappointed by a product. Parents want objective and clear comments.

Don’t use ‘telegraphic’ speech, abbreviations of sentences written entirely in capital letters: Your review would not be published.



All the comments posted by our members are proofread and checked. If the content is too short, written in capitals, lacks detail, it cannot be published on the site.

In addition, if the scores don’t correspond with the opinion shared or if there are too many mistakes which make it difficult to reread, it cannot be published.

The opinion of a product or brand without enough proof of real personal use of the product will not be accepted for publication. 



If you have problems logging-in or posting your opinion:

-        Delete previous cookies ‘ConsoBaby’ from your search engine

-        Delete the cache from your navigator

-        Close the navigator and reopen it before reconnecting to your account.

If the problem continues, use the contact form on the site to contact us.

Note: the site is optimised to work with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  It is recommended to use one of those browsers.




How do you know which products are being tested?

The products being tested are always mentioned on the welcome page, you can’t miss them!

They are also featured in our weekly newsletter.



The testers are chosen according to their profile (age, number and age of the children, profession) and their contributions to the site.

It is not just a lucky dip, the more you contribute to helping other parents with your opinions and answers to their questions, the more you have a chance of being selected.

You can also take part in the selection by completing your profile (age of the children, address).

You also have to post at least 3 detailed reviews about your own products (mother or baby) in the 90 days preceding the week of the product test.


IMPORTANT: the quantity of opinions counts, but also the quality.  Reread your comments, be as detailed as possible and avoid abbreviations and spelling mistakes.

Comments that are written in capital letters, which lack detail or which appear doubtful will not be published.  ConsoBaby should remain useful to parents looking for real information and opinions about the products.

It is unnecessary to post lots of short and incomplete opinions for each test, publish just 3 personal and detailed reviews each month about different products to take part and increase your chances of selection for the tests.

The selected members will receive and email for each selection, please ensure you add the address to your email account to be sure you receive our emails.



You can apply for as many product tests as you like, but be sure you meet the criteria for the parents we’re looking for each time.

There are a limited number of products to test and we cannot accept all the requests.  The priority is given to recent opinions which are detailed and seen as useful to other parents.

We are also more likely to choose parents who contribute regularly to the website by publishing frequent opinions.

If you’re not selected for a test, continue to share your opinions and to apply for new tests.  Hundreds of products are tested each year, your chances of selection increase each time!



If you are chosen for a test, you keep the item permanently and with no charge, use it and let us know your opinion.

And do remember to post a picture of the product on our Facebook page!