Bambino Mio Supersoft mioliners (nappy liners)



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    These liners seem fairly sterdy have no loose threads unlike others and do there job Love the fact they are biodegradable and can be flushed.
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100% natural and biodegradable* super soft nappy liners compatible with a variety of reusable nappies and swim nappies.

- Designed to repel water keeping baby dry and comfortable.

- They retain solids to help reduce soiling of your nappies.

- Can be used as a natural baby wipe for nappy changing and other purposes.**

- Sheet size: 22cm x 30cm.

- 100 sheets per box.

- Made from 100% Viscose.

*supersoft mioliners can be composted when wet.

**Simply add warm water.

Add a few drops of essential oils to aid cleansing and to soothe.

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