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Latest reviews

  • Armadillo Flip XT2 Pushchair

    Overall, I really like the armadillo flip pram due to his ease of use, variety of colours, flexibility in using the bassinet or the sitting up attachment. However, I feel that compared to come other brands the chassis is a little flimsy and...

  • Simplicity Car Seat

    We were kindly gifted this car seat, we have it in all black and it looks beautiful. I love the strap system and how easy it is to tighten and loosen the straps however our little girl was born quite small and just didn’t look like she fi...

  • Perfect Prep Machine

    I have 6 month old twins who have always been hungry (they were 7lbs3 & 6lbs & haven't stopped growing) at 1 point they were having a bottle every hour and 15 mins, with 2 there is no way I could have feed them as quickly with a kettle. The...