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Latest reviews

  • Cameleon 3

    Although pricey, we are glad we purchased this product. It comes in a wide range of attractive colours although we chose black as we wanted a unisex buggy. The pushchair is so easy to manoeuvre over most terrain and baby is safe and secure ...

  • Tilt Car Seat

    A budget friendly extended rear facing carseat, can rear face up to 18kgs (around 4 years) which is 5x safer than forward facing. You can't put a price on your child's safety but for us who don't have a massive budget this seat is fantastic...

  • Natural Touch Ultimate Digital Breast Pump

    This pump is fantastic. It doesn’t such the entire boob into the flange but instead grabs the nipple like a baby would and I’ve gotten more milk out using this pump than any other. It’s comfotable, had 9 settings including a let down ...