Bioderma ABCDerm Intensive Nappy Rash Paste

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      Only need a little bit

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    Very good cream. I use not for the rash but sometimes when the groins are a bit more red. The redness goes away when I change nappy again. I use cloth nappies and the cream works really well with them.
    I use just a little bit if not is very difficult to apply.
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This Bioderma ABCDerm Intensive Nappy Rash Paste treatment soothes redness and quickly relieves sensations of discomfort.

It contains D-Panthenol and helps repair weakened skin.

The non-occlusive protective barrier purifies and insulates the epidermis from dirt particles and enzymes due to zinc oxide and its "water-based paste" formula.

Paraben-free, does not stain clothes.

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