Brothermax Non-contact Thermometer



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  • 4.50/5
    • Strengths:

      non contact quick

    • Weaknesses:

      bit hard to work out how to use at first

    • Design
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    Looks good accurate does room temperature and babies temperature non contact i would recommend. My son likes it. Nice to hold.
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For use by the whole family, this Brother Max thermometer uses infrared technology to accurately measure temperature in just one second without having to touch your little one. This enables you to take their temperature when they are asleep without having to wake them. The thermometer has a three coloured alert system - green for a ideal temperature, orange when it is slightly raised and red if it is too elevated. 

- Touch-free temperature reading using accurate infrared technology

- One touch = accurate to 0.2 degrees in just 1 second

- No need to disturb your sleeping child

- Temperature range alert: green (normal) orange (raised) red (high)

- Ambient and forehead temperature readings;

- No need for probe covers

- Includes protective cover and handy stand

- Requires AA batteries (included)

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