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    • Strengths:

      Easy for adults

    • Weaknesses:

      Toddler can open it

    • Quality
    • Price
    • Security
    • Design
    For the price there great but not great when there for keeping toddler out of places yet my 3 year old can undo it and get into whatever she wants and shut it again
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The Safety 1st Cabinet Slide Lock will give you peace of mind, maintaining harmful products in your bathroom or kitchen out of  your little one's reach.

It features a SecurTech indicator that clearly shows when the cabinet is suitably locked (a green diamond with a white padlock will appear).

This lock can be used with any type of handle, but operates by locking itself to an adjacent cabinet. (not for use on single cabinet doors)

The Safety 1st Cabinet Slide Lock features a press and pull mechanism that is difficult for young children to open.

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