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  • 4.88/5
    • Strengths:

      Waterproof and soaks up loads of water

    • Weaknesses:

      Not easy to find in store

    • Quality / Performance
    • Price
    • Security / Hygiene
    • Ease of use
    I have been using these mats since 2016. I’ve used them now for both of my babies. Perfect for taking out and outing on surfaces for your baby to make sure they aren’t laying on dirty public changing units. I love that they are disposable so if any accidents happen when a change is going on you can get rid. I have recommended these to everyone who’s had a baby and wouldn’t go anywhere without mine
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Pampers Change Mats are disposable absorbant mats you can use when nappy changing on the go.

The mats are small enough to fit into your bag, so you can take them along everywhere.

These change Mats protect your baby from germs and provide a clean and comfortable surface for your baby to lie on.

Its waterproof lining also protects the surface from leaks.

Size 60x60 cm

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