HIPP Organic Chunky Vegetable & Beef Casserole 10m+

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      Nice and chunky

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    • Quality
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    • Easy to prepare
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    I bought quite a few of these Hipp jars a few weeks ago when Asda at them on offer. My son has really taken to them.
    They are easy to prep, can be eaten straight from the jar or heated up in the microwave ( make sure you don’t put the jar in the microwave though).
    They have a nice thick and chunky texture which is great now my son is learning to chew his food and they smell great!
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Chunky Vegetable & Beef Casserole from HIPP Organic.

Delicious organic meals developed by baby nutritionaists to ensure the right nourishment in every meal - no wonder mums (and babies) choose HiPP Organic.

Stage 3 From 10 months

Prepare and Use: Please check the glass jar is not damaged in any way before use, and only use plastic spoons. Stir well before spooning food into the feeding bowl. Serve at room temperature or stand the bowl in hot water to warm. If using a microwave, take great care - hot food can burn! Always test the temperature of food before feeding. Never re-heat used baby foods.

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