Babymoov Glober Changing Bag

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    • Strengths:

      Perfect for an all day outing, lots of pockets, easy to carry

    • Weaknesses:

      Fixings not excellent quality

    • Quality
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    • Practical
    • Design
    I bought this bag while expecting my 2nd baby. My daughter is 4 years old, so I wanted a bag that I could easily carry while trying to keep up with her. This bag is perfect for the job! no more aching shoulders, no more bending down to help herwith something and the bag swinging down my shoulder and attacking her.
    My son is now 10mths old, now we have gone past the 'taking everything but the kitchen sink' out phase of having a baby, we do not use this as an everyday bag.
    Although, this really does come into its own for family outings. It is spacious enough to fit everything I need in it for a whole day for both children, It has lots of pockets and compartments that keep everything organised and at to hand when needed. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, even though it does fit quite neatly onto the back of the pushchair.
    My only down point, is the popper fastening on the front. The strap it is attached to is made out of very thin, stretchy, imitated leather sort of material. The popper is magnetic and quite strong, however the material is too weak, so it has therefore stretched and is hanging on by a very thin bit which is eventually going to break. This happened very early into using the bag, within the first month or so. We have been extra careful about opening it now, however it is very tedious.

    Overall, its an amazing bag and I would still recommend it.
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The Babymoov Glober Maternity bag is a versatile backpack, ideal for every kind of trip and parent (mum or dad!)

It features a large changing mat, an insulated bag, a transparent pocket for medicines/nappies/dirty clothes and a soother pocket. It is very comfortable to carry or attach it to the stroller thanks to its harness.

The Glober Bag is a very sturdy and resistant thanks to its reinforced bottom and metallic buckles and magnets.

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