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  • 3.50/5
    • Strengths:

      Adjustable, breathable

    • Weaknesses:

      Velcro can stick to clothes, visible under clothing

    • Quality / Performance
    • Price
    • Comfort
    • Design
    I bought this in my first pregnancy due to suffering from SPD/PGP. It was a lifesaver! I have used it again in pregnancy number 2 and love the fact that I can adjust it quite tightly around my hips/lower back for support without squashing my bump or feeling too hot and sweaty. Unfortunately after a couple of washes the Velcro does curl up at the edges a bit which can cause it to catch on clothes and be more visible under clothes, however I think you’d get these problems from any support belt.
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The Nexcare Maternity Support is an adjustable belt designed to support your tummy during pregnancy. it helps spread the additional weight evenly and reduce back and abdominal discomfort.

The latex-free elastic provides gentle yet firm support.

Fully adjustable

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