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  • 2.13/5
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      It’s portable

    • Weaknesses:

      Doesn’t work, suction isn’t strong enough

    • Quality / Performance
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    We bought one of these when my son got this first cold at about 3 months old but unfortunately it just didn’t work for us and quickly ended up being binned. It was too big for his tiny nostrils and then when we did manage to get it up there the suction wasn’t really strong enough to pull out any snot. Eventually he started fighting against it and that just made it even worse and quite often we ended up squeezing it while it was in his nostril by accident. I went and bought a snot sucker that you use your mouth on instead, doesn’t sound very pleasant but worked much better.
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Chicco - Nasal Aspirator. The Safe Hygiene nasal aspirator is ideal to free baby's nose from excess mucous, and especially for children who are not able to clear their nose independently.

Instructions for use: Gently press the aspirator, insert the spout into a nostril while keeping the other nostril closed, and then release the aspirator. With 2 reducers in soft silicone rubber.

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