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      Quality materials very reasonable price point

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    • Quality / Performance
    • Price
    • Security / Hygiene
    • Ease of use
    What an amazing product!

    For someone who loves steamy hot baths , hubby was adiment we get one as he didn't trust that I was able to gauge the right water temperature for our little ones baths, and boy am I glad we got this.

    It does exactly what it says.

    When the temperature of the water exceeds 37 degrees the red star displays the word hot, I am then able to add cold water until the word dissapeares and the star turns back to its red colour.

    This product is genius and the material is flexible enough to fit in different sized and shaped bathing systems. The material of the mat is anti slip too.

    And the price point is sooo Affordable, I would happily spend up to £25.00 for this item.
    I reccomemd this to everyone.

    Safety First
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The Mothercare Non-slip bath mat provides extra security during your child's bath time. 

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