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  • 3.75/5
    • Strengths:

      The material is very soft and comfortable to wear

    • Weaknesses:

      They were not able to absorb enough overnight

    • Quality / Performance
    • Price
    • Security / Hygiene
    • Design
    I bought these for their organic materials given that they would be in contact with the skin my baby feeds from. This reflected in the comfort as they were the softest and most comfortable pad I used. They weren't too thick either meaning that it didn't show through as some other pads did.

    Overnight I seemed to produce a lot of milk (even with my daughter feeding through the night) and they were never able to absorb it all. I would wake up feeling damp.

    Therefore, if you do produce a lot of milk these would be fine during the day when you can change them regularly but not for overnight use.
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Soft and natural, these organic nursing pads with a slightly cupped shape are everything you need for leakage protection. Highly absorbant, thin and discreet, their sleek design makes them stay put, so we can make them adhesive free – using adhesive would mean we had to compromise with our eco mission and add more chemicals. 

When choosing Naty, you are assured that only natural materials will be against your skin.

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