Chicco Phisio Clean Nasal Aspirator Soft and Easy

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      Helps remove baby’s snot

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      Hard work

    • Quality / Performance
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    • Security / Hygiene
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    This is a good product, obviously babies can’t blow there nose so using this you sick the end and it pull the snot out without it going anywhere near your mouth, I find you have to suck very hard though.
  • angelcare
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Chicco Nasal aspirator allows the elimination of nasal secretions that can bother the baby. It offers an immediate solution for mothers to keep the nose unblocked and allow the baby to breathe freely, making it easier to sleep and feed.

Its ergonomic shape with grip helps mother and the nozzles, made of soft and flexible materials, fit for baby's sensitive and delicate nose.

The disposable nozzle, with pre-inserted absorbent filter, ensures maximum hygiene. .

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