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      Fully adjustable, spare ID tags, comfy

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    Highly recommend these safety ID straps for days out with little ones! We purchased ours directly from Little Life for a very reasonable price and we wouldn't be without them now.
    They come with very minimal packaging with is excellent for the environment. The straps themselves have 2 ID tags each, so you have a spare should you ever lose one (or mess one up - haha!). They are secured on by VERY strong velcro, which even my 2 and a half year old can't undo (yet!) and, of course, they have very lovely designs to choose from which my little ones love!
    For the extra peace of mind when out and about, they're definitely a must have!
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The Littlelife Safety ID Strap is an animal-themed colourful velcro wristband incorporates a waterproof card for contact details and emergency medical information. 

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