Britax Römer Trifix i-Size car seat

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      Very safe

    • Weaknesses:

      Very heavy and bulky

    • Comfortable
    • Value for money
    • Easy to use
    • Design
    This car seat is very heavy and not easy to take in and out of your car. It is however very safe and secure. It is quite bulky and wide. The design is nice and it looks very safe. I like that you can tilt the seat backwards when your little one falls asleep to stop their heads from falling forwards. If you are leaving this carseat in one car I would recommend however I do think it is pricey.
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Britax Trifix i-Size Car Seat provides all-around protection for your child. With its unique range of state of the art safety features you can rest assured that your child will be well protected.

- Suitable for children from 76 cm to 105 cm, Trifix i-Size is an ideal follow-on seat for any infant carrier.

- Easily and safely installed with its integrated Isofix connectors and Top Tether, its optimised seating ensures there's enough space for a child from 15 months up to about 4 years.

- The Trifix i-Size provides all-around safety for your child. Thanks to the large, padded side wings with SICT inside and the-V-shaped headrest your child will be protected in the event of a side impact, while the patented Pivot Link Isofix System and Top Tether with rip stitch technology provide safety in the event of a frontal collision. Easy installation with integrated Isofix and top tether

- Thanks to Isofix and Top Tether, Trifix i-Size is not only easy to install, but it also allows for more space in the footwell of your vehicle. The Isofix connectors are integrated into the base of the car seat and offer maximum safety and convenience.

Because the TRIFIX i-SIZE can be used on all i-Size seating positions, as well as on vehicle seats with Isofix and Top Tether anchor points, it is suitable for a wide variety of car models. As the Isofix connectors are integrated into the base of the car seat, your infant carrier base stays available for use when a younger sibling arrives.

Adjustable V-Shaped headrest and 5-pt harness. Trifix i-Size has been designed for the needs of growing children from 76 cm to 105 cm tall. The new V-shaped headrest is designed to control the movement of your child's head in the event of a side impact.

When the headrest height is adjusted, the 5-point harness adjusts as well, ensuring it is always at the correct height, ensuring that your child safe in the seat's protective shell.

Weight & dimensions: H x W x D - 65 x 45 x 54 cm Weight: 10.5 kg Approval: i-Size (ECE R129) Made in Germany Direction of travel: Forward facing installation - 76 cm - 105 cm


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