Baroo Universal Wooden Moses Basket Stand-Natural

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      Sturdy when in use and stores flat when not needed

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    • Quality
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    We debated for a while about wether we would get a rocking stand or just a basic stand and in the end the basic won. I’m so glad we didn’t spend a fortune on a rocking one as my son was only in his Moses basket 2 months then he got too long and too heavy.
    This is super easy to use, it comes flat then all you have to to is open it out and it’s instantly in this position. The pieces of material are really strong and they hold the whole thing in place as well as providing a strong base for the basket to sit on. It’s works with all normal sized Moses baskets so quite a good one to be handed down to others when your finished with it.
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This Baroo Universal Wooden Moses Basket Stand Natural Fits Husk & Wicker Baskets.


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