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      It's great for tall children

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    My daughter was bought this for her 3rd birthday and she loves it. She's a tall girl and was trying to get my husband to purchase this one instead of the little tikes one. He is so glad that he listened to me now as she's almost 5 and a good 3ft6 so she still enjoys playing on this. She loves climbing to the top and peaking over at the neighbours as it's so tall. She gets a good ride on the slide and loves the dips in it. In the summer we attach the hose pipe to the correct fitting and and pop it in her paddling pool. All the kids in our street love coming over to play on it. It's super fun!!!
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This Smoby 'XL Slide' provides a fun new way for your little ones to slide with its one-of-a-kind water cascade feature. Using the included hose, this slide is maximised by a gentle flow of water down the chute, providing an exciting and smooth ride all the way to the bottom along the double wave chute. The safety of your child has been factored into every decision in its construction, with large ergonomic handles and an anti-skid ladder.

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