Angelcare AC115 Baby Movement Monitor, with Sound

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  • 3.88/5
    • Strengths:

      Very loud sensor.

    • Weaknesses:

      Doe not always go off

    • Sound quality
    • Price
    • Ease of use
    • Design
    I love the idea of this product. However on several occasions now I have picked baby up to feed and it has taken minutes for this sensor to alarm. Meaning no sensor detection found. This is a worry as the baby would be dead by the time it goes off. And then on other occasions it is super sensitive and goes off when baby is moving. Therefore I have stopped using it due to the issues. Shame as it is expensive and at times worked well. But it is not accurate enough to give me enough peace of mind to use it daily.
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AngelCare's 'Baby Movement and Sound Monitor' is a sophisticated design giving parents the ultimate peace of mind.

Angelcare’s AC115 movement and sound monitor allows parents to relax while their baby is resting. Digital audio and movement monitoring enable parents to better respond to their little ones needs. Movement Monitoring Angelcare designs the best-selling, most-trusted movement monitors in the world. Their patented Sensor Pad is created to be placed under baby’s mattress where it senses subtle movements while baby sleeps. All of their movement monitoring systems alert parents if no movement is detected after 20 seconds.  The AC115 features our movement Sensor Pad bundled with a new low-profile, nursery audio/temperature sensor unit and a newly designed audio parent unit. The system also features a digital temperature read-out on the parent unit, and two-way audio.

Parent can rest assured with the ultimate peace of mind.

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