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      Large teat, easy to clean

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      They have been discontinued!

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    I really don't know why these bottles have been discontinued! They are by far the best!
    We tried several bottles for my sons and with every single one there were faults and he struggled to feed from them. With these the large (wide and long) teat meant he could open his mouth fully, without having his nose/chin pushing on the hard plastic (like we experienced with many other brands). There is also good flex in the teat which is meant to mimic the breast. My son also suffers from reflux. We noticed a real difference when using these bottles. He has also never had issues with colic and can always do nice burps after.
    These stage 2 teats say they are for 3 months +, but they were too fast for my son until roughly 4½ months. He is now 6½ months old and still uses them. We are fully equip with the stage 3 for when he is ready.
    Overall I couldn't recommend these any more, they really are the best. The only negative is that they have been discontinued.
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The Munchkin LATCH bottle is designed to imitate the breastfeeding experience. While other wide-mouth bottles may only look like a breast, the unique LATCH accordion teat moves and functions most like a breast, easing baby's transition from breast to bottle and back.

As is the case when breastfeeding, baby regulates the flow of milk by applying pressure to the base of mum's nipple. The LATCH bottle mimics this phenomena by releasing more breast milk as baby applies pressure against the teat's base.

The accordion-style teat on LATCH™ stretches like the breast, making it easier for baby to latch easily and correctly, to the back of the mouth. While feeding, the accordion-style teat flexes as baby's head moves. This makes it possible to maintain a good latch, limiting the ingestion of air and avoiding colic.

- BPA Free Top rack dishwasher safe

- Includes two BPA-free Stage 2 (medium flow) teats

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