Bambino Mio Miosolo Premium Birth To Potty Pack



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    • Strengths:

      Everything you need in one pack, cheaper than getting individually

    • Weaknesses:

      Not suitable from birth

    • Ease of use
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    I was determined to use cloth nappies so I purchased this set with money we had received as gifts. I was very excited when they came. I unpacked it all, set up all the nappies and liners ready for my little ladies arrival. I had disposables in the hospital with me but couldn’t wait to get hone and try these. Unfortunately the nappies were far to big for my baby (who was a sturdy 8lb14oz). I YouTubed lots of different folds for the cloth but no matter what I did my poor girl was so uncomfortable the nappy was so bulky it was almost right up her back and she couldn’t close her legs. It was not until she was around 5-6 weeks that they fitted better. The liners are meant to “catch” the nasties but I have a breastfed baby with liquid poop so they seem a bit pointless as it just soaks through. The environmentally friendly aspects outweigh all the cons in my eyes.
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The Bambino Mio miosolo premium birth to potty pack is a convenient and cost effective way to buy reusable nappies for your baby. This pack includes all the nappies and accessories you need from birth until potty training.

Adjustable poppers and hook and loop fastenings can be used to adjust the size of the nappy to suit the shape of your little one.

Within, the super absorbent core and stay-dry layer keep moisture away from your baby's soft skin, leaving it cool and dry.

The stretchy water resistant outer layer will protect even the most active babies.
A unique pull out tab system makes removing the core from inside the nappy as simple as can be, which will improve the washing process and speed up drying.

Super stay soft fabric remains soft even with regular washing, resulting in the most comfortable nappy for your baby.

The nappies are available in a range of fashionable colours & designs.

Made from 100% polyester laminated to polyurethane, inner: 100% polyester, core: 85% polyester, 15% nylon.

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