Chicco Natural feeling baby bottle 150ml



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    When my baby was just a few days old I used this all the time with my expressed milk, being so small and easy to hold was a big advantage, also, the angled teat helped my baby very much as in his first 3 weeks had very bad colics, now he is much better and I tend to believe that the Chicco bottle had something to so with that.
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The Chicco Natural Feeling Bottle has been designed to help replicate natural feeding.

It features an angled teat to ensure it is always full of milk so babies will not ingest air when feeding, and comes with a twin anti-colic valve.

Features: Designed to replicate the instinctive way baby feeds

- Truly angled teat for newborn latch

- Angled teat is always full of milk to reduces air intake

- Twin anti-colic valve

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