NUK Nature Sense Bottle and Breastfeeding Set

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    Love the full set I bought it wen I had my baby it has everything a new parent needs.

    My baby was born early due to that reason breastfeeding was hard so I used to pump instead then feed her I tried many bottles and she would struggle with the teats as they were too big for her.

    The nuk teat was a life saver they just perfect shape and size after all the struggles finding the right teat my baby found comfort in the nuk bottles and started drinking really well.

    The steriliser it’s super easy to use and does a great job.

    Defo recommend this product.
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NUK nature sense bottle and breastfeeding set includes all the essentials for bottle and breastfeeding, this starter set is exclusive to mothercare and includes a Vario express steriliser, a Luna electric breast pump and adaptor, two 260ml and 150ml nature sense bottles, 0-6 and 6-18month silicone teats, a genius silicone soother and a bottle and teat brush.

Inspired by nature the Nature Sense teat allows for an all-round natural feeling when baby is drinking, almost as if at the breast as the several tiny openings are modelled on the milk ducts in a mother's breast giving a natural flow. 

The NUK Vario express steam steriliser gently sterilises up to six bottles and features a removable basket for accessories. The NUK Luna electric breast pump features two different settings, a fast pumping action to stimulate milk flow and a slower but stronger pumping rhythm for maximum milk flow.

The NUK Genius soother is based on the approved orthodontic NUK shape, but improved with a softer and more flexible baglet, to further reduce the pressure on baby's jaw and teeth, as well as the risk of teeth misalignment.

And lastly, the NUK 2-in-1 bottle brush features firm bristles and a shape that is compatible with most baby bottles and is perfect for the thorough cleaning of both bottles and teats.

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